Manji Matharu

Manji Matharu - InfogixJaswinder (Manji) Matharu was the CEO and founder of Agilis International, Inc. before its merger with Infogix. He is widely recognized in the telecommunications community as an innovation leader in technology and building scalable organizations.  At Agilis, Manji set the company strategy and helped build a global organization, including offshore captive center, to deliver profitable growth.

Prior to founding Agilis, Manji served in the CEO, COO and CTO roles at Sotas, Inc., a Safeguard Scientifics company that delivered network monitoring systems for large telecom carriers. Manji founded S3Net, Inc. and was the President and CEO prior to its merger with SOTAS, Inc., in January 2000.  S3Net was the market leader in Fraud Management and QoS systems prior to merging with SOTAS.  After joining SOTAS, Manji created and executed on the company’s highly innovative product strategy, and managed the company’s success in selling its Fraud and QoS Management products to international telecom carrier market.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Telecommunications.

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