Leigh Vickery

Leigh Vickery is the Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer for Level 2 Legal Solutions – a leading legal services company – and serves as the head of Level 2 Legal’s Charitable Giving Initiative. Leigh is also the CEO and Founder of Queso Mama, a multimillion-dollar cheese company. A graduate of Baylor University in English and psychology, Leigh continued her English studies in graduate school at Rice University and is also a graduate of Seth Godin’s altMBA program, earning the class’s highest honor for most outstanding body of work, the Frances Perkins Award.

red audit stamp on paperwork with gold-tipped fountain pen

Compliance audits and financial audits are different animals calling for different skill sets. Level 2 Legal’s Leigh Vickery explains why your organization might not want to choose a Big Four firm. Compliance is a top concern in the business world and an area of increasing concern for corporate board members, executives and legal departments. While privacy is certainly not the only compliance...

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