Juan Diego Martin

Juan Diego Martin

Juan Diego Martin is COO of Fonetic. He joined Fonetic in 2009, was previously COO at a speech technology company and also worked for media and teleco providers in different European countries for 20 years. Juan Diego has a degree in Electrical Engineering from UPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) and a successful track of voice, speech and NLP software creation and business development.

NYSE trading floor in new york

Taking a Robust Approach to Stamp Out Trader Fraud The globalization of financial institutions has come with an increasingly fragmented communications landscape. Traders in Hong Kong, for instance, communicate very differently from those in New York, using different mediums and jargon. This means there is a growing number of options available to traders to ensure any improper communications go undetected. As the...

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  • Eric D. Lyons, et al. April 23, 2019
    SEC Halts Misappropriation and Fraudulent Securities Offering
  • David M. Loflin April 22, 2019
    SEC Charges Microcap Fraudster with Running a Pump-and-Dump Scheme
  • Kimberly Sredich April 19, 2019
    SEC Charges Kimberly Sredich with Misappropriation Scheme
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