John Truzzolino

John Truzzolino is the Director, Corporate Governance Services for the Global Capital Markets Division of Donnelley Financial Solutions. John has more than two decades of experience following SEC compliance changes, analyzing their impact on financial reporting requirements and developing solutions to meet the changing regulatory environment.

As Director of Corporate Governance Services, John is responsible for coordinating quarterly SEC and industry updates and following SEC guidance that’s designed around delivering higher-quality compliance disclosures. John reports these findings to Donnelley Financial Solutions for development into its production platform and provides client guidance through on-site and web-based events targeting more than 4,000 legal, finance and corporate professionals annually.

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The power of ESG is only beginning to be unlocked; ESG risk equates to financial risk, and institutional investors are increasingly focused on the implementation and reporting of ESG initiatives. DFIN’s John Truzzolino tells us where to begin. Every company is on its own unique sustainability and social responsibility journey, from major corporations pushing for waste reduction in supply chains and generating...

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8 Helpful Tips Issuers Should Know The SEC’s new rule amendment requiring issuers who present exhibits in numerous regulatory forms to begin providing active hyperlinks is drumming up plenty of questions. The confusion is particularly acute because larger issuers are required to begin adhering to the SEC’s new hyperlinking rule Sept. 1, 2017. John Truzzolino, Director, Corporate Governance Services for the Global Capital...

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The SEC’s new and proposed rules allow companies to update and simplify their disclosure requirements as part of the SEC’s overall disclosure effectiveness review. This modernization of the SEC disclosure system discussed in the SEC’s Regulation S-K concept release in 2016 is designed to eliminate redundant, overlapping and outdated requirements and align them with current accounting principles and improvement in technology.

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