John Klassen

John Klassen

John Klassen is Product Marketing Manager at Authentic8, maker of Silo, the browser in the cloud that ensures compliance and control for the world’s most demanding firms in regulated industries.

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Regulating web use for employees via compliance handbook and URL filters for blacklisted (bad) and whitelisted (good) online resources has failed to improve compliance. Authenic8’s John Klassen discusses how firms can ensure compliance without sacrificing productivity or risking an internal backlash. Pressure from the SEC and state authorities has increased over the past two years to remediate areas of cybersecurity weakness. Yet...

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Key Controls on Web Use to Avoid Regulatory Scrutiny For regulated investment firms, the SEC has prioritized cybersecurity, governance and data loss prevention. While firms cover the gamut in their compliance manuals and policies, their practice reveals alarming gaps when team members access the web. John Klassen of Authentic8 discusses how compliance teams can ensure oversight and control over employees’ web activities....

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