Ismael Alaoui

Ismael (Ish) Alaoui has been leading the technical team at Onna as Director of Engineering since its inception in 2015. Ismael has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a master’s degree in Information Technology from Virginia Tech, where he also built an extensive security engineering background. Specifically, he specialized in smart-card-based development and cryptography. Ismael is extremely passionate about Onna’s vision and is excited about building a team at the forefront of industry-leading innovations.

cloud shapes by keyboard in black and white

Establishing a sustainable preservation plan is key for compliance and risk management. Onna’s Ish Alaoui outlines five key factors to weigh when looking to preserve data from cloud-based applications. The number of cloud-based applications and productivity tools used in the workplace is growing by the day. From Slack and GSuite to Dropbox and Office 365, today’s top workplace applications allow organizations to...

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