Iftah Gideoni

Iftah Gideoni is CTO of Forter, a fraud prevention solution provider. He is an experienced executive with a diverse technology background. Prior to Forter, Iftah served as Chief Data Officer and VP of R&D at myThings. Before that, he led a portfolio of research projects for the Australian national research agency, CSIRO. In the past, he was the VP of R&D, CTO of B.V.R. Systems and CTO of Proxy Aviation Inc.

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Regulations like GDPR and PSD2 are creating an attack shift for fraudsters and alternative methods for them to create havoc. Forter’s CTO Iftah Gideoni discusses how to fight back against fraud with similarly evolving fraud prevention measures. Today, data is the most valuable asset for consumers, businesses and fraudsters alike. Thanks to the rise in technological innovations, including the cloud, remote work...

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