George Wrenn

George Wrenn is CEO and Founder of CyberSaint. The CyberSaint team are thought leaders from both business and security backgrounds. They have been CSOs of Fortune 500 companies, global CEOs and CFOs, apart of multiple NIST Cybersecurity Framework development processes, trusted members of government cybersecurity committees, and teaching cybersecurity best practices and innovation at world-renowned institutions such as MIT.

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The compliance landscape is changing, necessitating changes from the compliance profession as well. A team of experts from CyberSaint discuss what compliance practitioners can expect in the year ahead. with co-authors Padraic O’Reilly, CyberSaint CPO and Co-Founder and Adam Bryan, Advisor Regardless of experience or background, 2019 will not be an easy year for information security. In fact, we realize it’s only...

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