Clyde Jacob

Clyde Jacob is a native of Norfolk, Virginia, and a Director in Coats Rose, P.C.’s labor relations & employment practice. His experience spans over 30 years, working exclusively in the field of labor relations and employment. He speaks regularly to employers and associations nationwide, trains managers on the fundamentals of employee relations and advises companies on the development of human resource policy manuals and employee handbooks. He has prepared corporate executives for testimony, and has personally testified before the U.S. Congress as an expert on labor law.

Clyde represents employers in response to union organizing, boycotts, National Labor Relations Board representation cases, and corporate campaigns. This work also includes defending unfair labor practice charges, collective bargaining negotiations, defense against union strikes and arbitration proceedings. He also works in the area of employment relations, including defense of discrimination claims, the development of affirmative action programs, defense of wage/compensation claims and the counseling of corporations in employee terminations and during layoffs and reductions in force.

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Gender Bender: Pay Equity in The Workplace As pay equity continues to rise as a hot topic issue, Clyde Jacob, Director at Coats Rose, P.C.’s labor and employment practice, provides an in-depth analysis of where the issue arose from and the current avenues dictating where the issue is heading. Jacob acknowledges this will be an ongoing dilemma; however, businesses nationwide can start...

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