Bruce Orcutt

Bruce Orcutt is Senior Vice President of Product Marketing at ABBYY, a global provider of content intelligence solutions and services. Bruce has deep understanding of content capture and its integration with machine learning, text analytics and artificial intelligence technologies to optimize business processes. Connect with Bruce on Twitter @bdorcutt.

woman with pen signing contract

Contract Analytics is a Business Imperative Bruce Orcutt from ABBYY shares how artificial intelligence can extract meaning from contracts in the same way as humans do, the challenges businesses face in using AI and the benefits the technology can offer. Contracts are the engine of a business; they contain critical business intelligence needed to run the enterprise, yet enterprises continue to struggle...

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  • Avi Chiat June 24, 2019
    SEC Obtains Final Judgment Against Defendant in Hedge Fund Fraud Scheme
  • Donald S. LaGuardia, Jr. June 24, 2019
    SEC Charges Founder of Bankrupt Advisory Firm with Fraud
  • Andrew J. Kandelapas June 21, 2019
    Former CEO of Chicago-Area Public Company Pleads Guilty in Market Manipulation Scheme

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