Bob Paulsen

Bob Paulsen headshot 12-17-14As co-founder, president and CEO of PlayerLync, Bob Paulsen has had an up-close view of championship training strategies and tactics for pro-sports teams and large corporations with dispersed workforces.  Paulsen has a keen understanding of the organizational behaviors that contribute most to highly engaged employees and programs that cultivate learning, leadership and superior team results.

Bob has over 18 years of innovation and leadership within the converging communications marketplace. His world-class management, financial and sales skills helped him build the “Fastest Growing” small company and sixth largest Internet service provider in the Denver area.

Seeing Is Believing: The Powerful Potential Video Brings to Compliance (Part 1)

Effective change management and effective compliance don't have to be mutually exclusive terms, though the concepts are often viewed as at odds with one another. One way to bring change management into alignment with compliance (and vice versa) is with the use of video-based training, a solution that is not only more efficient, but also potentially simpler and more impactful.

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