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Feb 1 - Ahmed Taimour headshot (319x400)Ahmed Taimour is a CAMS-certified professional with more than 10 years of experience in compliance, internal audit and risk consulting with banking and international consulting firms in the Middle East. He has extensive experience in AML, internal auditing, corporate governance and risk management in the financial services sector gained from working in tier-one banks and Big 4 firms.

Ahmed can be reached at: https://ae.linkedin.com/in/ahmedtaimour

Efforts to combat financial crime worldwide

If this month’s roundup is any indication, financial crime is on the rise across the globe. Ahmed Taimour shares some of September’s most significant news stories related to compliance, fraud and anti-corruption measures. The U.S. Financial Action Task Force has been hard at work, as have other anti-corruption organizations in the international community.

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global compliance news

July has come and gone, but the impact of these events will most definitely live on. Here we bring you tidbits of some of the most significant news stories the world over. This roundup covers several developments in the U.S. and takes us from India to Iran for the rest.

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compliance news

June and the first part of July have seen some significant developments in global compliance. Here are some of the standout stories, covering celebrities, the elite, governments near and far and more money-laundering schemes than you can shake a stick at.

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compliance news

Since news of the Panama Papers leak broke several weeks ago, fallout has been felt far and wide. Heads of state have stepped down and several governments are stepping up their enforcement efforts. But not every party involved is feeling the pinch: a Swedish tech startup has the leak to thank for its big break. Here’s the biggest Panama Papers-related news from...

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The Panama Papers: What You Need to Know

On Sunday the world got a peek into how and where the ultra rich and dozens of current and former world leaders hide their wealth, and the fallout has already begun. Given the ethical implications of being outed in the leaks, government officials and leaders at organizations including FIFA and Transparency International who’ve been named are coming under fire.

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All the latest compliance news

Several significant GRC events transpired in March, and the outlook globally regarding anti-corruption compliance looks more grim all the time. Terrorist groups and other criminal organizations lean heavily on money laundering to finance their activities, so the international compliance community must band together to take a stand and shut this activity down.

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  • Equal Earth, Inc., et al. June 18, 2019
    SEC Charges Green Energy Company and Two Senior Officers with Offering Fraud Charges
  • Raymond Starker June 18, 2019
    SEC Charges New Jersey Investor with Insider Trading
  • Alton Perkins, et al. June 14, 2019
    SEC Charges North Carolina Businessman and His Companies with Fraudulent Offering Scam

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