So many award programs. So many opportunities to showcase your brand and build your reputation. But what do companies learn about themselves during the process? And how do decisions and programs change because of the process itself? Here’s what Laura Jacobus, Sr. Director, Associate General Counsel, Ethics and Compliance/Legal Operations, Juniper Networks, Inc. says about why applying to the World’s Most Ethical Company program was the ‘best decision’ she ever made:

“If you have the option of ten things to do in the area of governance, what two are the heavy hitters that you might want to focus on over the next year. And then draw out a plan for 3-5 years – that’s incredibly helpful.”

“I’ve heard a lot of people say that maybe we’re not at the point when we’re ready to apply yet. I would say the opposite. I think that if you’re even wondering if you’re at the right place and on the right track, it’s the time to apply.”

Listen to the full session with Laura here. The 2015 Survey Ethisphere measures how successful you are in actively engaging your organization and ecosystem in ethical practices through the Ethics Quotient™ Survey. The 2015 survey has been updated to reflect leading and current practices:

  • Shifting questions from perceptions about your program to what you actually do
  • Updating the governance section to reflect changing public expectations
  • Gathering more robust information about the structure of the compliance team
  • Increasing the focus on leadership and innovation – highly valued in today’s world
  • Expanding beyond environmental responsibility to broader corporate social responsibility

Why Apply for the World’s Most Ethical Companies?

  • Learn your scores – your Ethics Quotient (EQ)™
  • Compare your practices to those of the World’s Most Ethical Companies®
  • Understand the gaps in your program, activities and practices vs. leading companies
  • Utilize this knowledge to move forward
  • Gain an understanding of not only what’s trending, but why

Responses to the survey are 100% confidential. Watch now: Introducing the 2015 Program FAQs

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