Defending Against Activist Shareholders: Four Things to Know and Do Now

Shareholder activism is an unavoidable cost of doing business as a publicly traded company in America today. Here are four things that every public company should make sure it knows before an activist arrives and initiates a proxy contest or other public campaign to best position itself for a successful outcome of any activist situation.

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How to Lead Like it Matters

Executives' leadership styles matter. Their attitudes, approaches and communication styles have everything to do with the size of the ripple they make throughout the organization. Outlined here are four tenets of leadership that each leader, from middle managers to those in the C-Suite ought to master in order to lead their teams most effectively.

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No Practice Bleeding in 2015

Crises will come, and when they do, the time for planning will be long past. The best use of your time ahead of a crisis is in planning for it, not practicing how you'll "bleed" when the troubles arrive. Linda Henman offers guidance on how to prepare for your greatest risks, tips that will undoubtedly enable you ...

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Wage War on Change Fatigue in the New Year

With a new year often comes new changes. All well and good, until you take into consideration that, like New Year's resolutions, many of these initiatives are left by the wayside in a matter of weeks, leaving employees exasperated and leadership disheartened. But your new programs don't have to go the way of the Dodo. With ...


Boardroom Black Holes and Taboos

Is your Board side-steppng the hard questions? Sure, some subjects are uncomfortable to talk about, but avoiding them isn't a great solution. In some instances, turning a blind eye to a taboo topic could be putting your organization's fiscal health at risk. Is that a gamble you're willing to make? Follow these tips to pinpoint, ...


Snakes in the C-Suite

Nobody hires a snake intentionally. Executives with reptilian tendencies either develop them over time or reveal themselves little by little. Either way, once a snake-like leader shows his true nature, something's got to be done. Yes, he might be generating amazing results, but at what cost? Consider the long-term ramifications of keeping a snake on ...

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