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Developing Corporate Security Policies to Avoid Data Breaches

Posted by - October 30, 2018
Minimizing D&O Cyber Liability In the second of a series of articles discussing emerging theories of liability for directors and officers, Stephanie Resnick, Philadelphia Office Managing Partner and Chair of the Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Practice Group at Fox Rothschild, and John Fuller, an associate and member of the Directors’…
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A New SIEM for a New World

Posted by - October 23, 2018
Moving from “Big Rules” to “No Rules” No two cybersecurity events are exactly alike, so it’s a fool’s errand to plan and protect solely against known threats. The need is greater now than ever for security teams to arm themselves with innovative SIEM technology with automatic threat detection and adaptive…
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3 Ways to Leverage Predictive Analytics

Posted by - October 18, 2018
Using Analytics to Gain a Competitive Edge Predictive analytics is quickly changing the way businesses effectively allocate their budgets and gain their edge over competitors. However, even companies with highly sophisticated predictive analytics programs still often run into challenges. Here are some ways to leverage your predictive analytics model by…
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The Changing Role of Electronic Information Archiving

Posted by - October 12, 2018
From Mandatory Requirement to Valuable Business Enabler Just because you have prohibited employees from communicating about business matters via any channel apart from email doesn’t mean your bases are covered. Mike Pagani explains how prohibition is not prevention, and why, for organizations in highly regulated fields, more concrete steps must…
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Mitigating Data Risk in M&A Transactions

Posted by - October 8, 2018
What to Do When a Deal Falls Apart What happens after a planned deal falls apart? In the process of seeking approval, a wealth of sensitive company information is transferred between entities – from financials to intellectual property. This article explores how a company can properly recover following the dissolution…
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4 Steps to Secure Your Data in the Cloud

Posted by - September 28, 2018
Managing Risk in a Shifting Regulatory Environment Given the frequency of significant data breaches, organizations must be increasingly vigilant about data protection. Vibhav Agarwal, Director of Product Marketing at MetricStream, offers this primer on how enterprises can better secure their data in the cloud. In today’s information age, a daunting…
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The Evolving Relationship Between Privacy Pros and IT

Posted by - September 21, 2018
Tech Solutions Emerging to Meet Increasing Regulation Privacy and data protection have challenged organizations for decades, but with companies’ increasing reliance on data to drive business, the old, manual processes and ad hoc program management tools no longer cut the mustard. Chris Babel of TrustArc discusses the recent progress made…
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California’s New Data Protection Law

Posted by - September 19, 2018
What You Need to Know In response to widespread data privacy concerns, legislators have just passed the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018. Here’s an overview of the new data privacy rights the law provides and what it all means for your business. Much of the political drive behind the…
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Rethinking Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) in the GDPR Regime

Posted by - September 17, 2018
Building an Effective TPRM Framework The GDPR imposes new rules on organizations to protect EU individuals’ personal data. Banks are responsible for EU personal data managed by their third parties, but are they ready to manage their third-party risk and comply with the GDPR? This article discuss GDPR requirements to…
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New York’s Bold Move to Improve Cybersecurity

Posted by - September 11, 2018
Could It Have A Bigger Impact Than More Famous Legal Siblings? The California Consumer Privacy Protection Act and the GDPR went into effect earlier this year, and New York state is following suit; last week marked the compliance deadline for the NY DFS cybersecurity regulations. Compared to the broad provisions…
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Getting the Board on Board with Cybersecurity

Posted by - September 6, 2018
Why GRC Must Engage the Board of Directors in Data Security Organizations are still scrambling to comply with the GDPR. Tom Kelly, President and CEO of ID Experts, says the regulation has forced important conversations within organizations. Equally important is the board conversation on how to protect stakeholders’ interests. Tom…
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Data Licensing—Tips and Tactics

Posted by - September 5, 2018
Compliance Considerations when Obtaining Data from a Third Party Companies often claim that data is one of their most precious assets, but they rarely treat it as such. Mayer Brown Partner Dan Masur discusses The Big Data Paradox, and in this article, outlines a number of issues inherent in ensuring…
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