Binoculars poke through paper - searching for the right new job hire.Associate Digital Media Producer

Come join a growing team of creators! CCI Media is seeking a digital media upstart to help coordinate, edit and produce our weekly coverage.

Our platform publishes insights and reports on the compliance sector—the most important profession you’ve never heard of. Compliance officers work across verticals and regions to ensure their organizations steer clear of fraud, inequitable hiring practices, money laundering, corruption and thousands of other crimes.

This position feeds curiosity of the business and financial world. On any given week, we might publish articles concerning new laws governing data privacy or artificial intelligence, diversity and equity in the workplace, environmental impact reporting, risk management, and much more.

We’re looking for the right person to get in on the ground floor and support the team with a number of editorial, creative, and administrative tasks.


  • Respond promptly and professionally to email queries from authors who seek to publish their articles on our site.
  • Participate in editorial decision-making.
  • Assess articles for nuance, factual accuracy, and potential impact.
  • Upload articles to WordPress and format them appropriately.
  • Copy edit articles for grammar, spelling and syntax.

In addition to these duties, we plan to invite the right candidate to also:

  • Pitch, report and write original articles on a regular basis.
  • Devise and collaborate on special projects, like podcasts, video, surveys, virtual events, and more.
  • Gain experience with a number of digital tools, including WordPress, SEMRush, CRMs, Google Analytics, social media, and more.


CCI will assess candidates on a holistic basis. We are looking for the right person to join our team, not necessarily the most qualified. If a certain skill set is lacking, there will be opportunity to provide training. With that said, we will prioritize any candidate who:

  • Has experience in digital media;
  • Can write excellent copy;
  • Communicates promptly and efficiently;
  • Is punctual, on-the-ball, and can meet deadlines;
  • Has experience with digital publishing tools like WordPress or an equivalent;
  • Has experience with social media; and
  • Knows that Seinfeld > Friends.

Note: this position is highly flexible in that much of the email correspondence and all of the editing and posting functions can be performed at any time of day, any day of the week, from just about anywhere in the world. Want to edit the articles at night? No problem. Prefer to handle the WordPress postings on the weekend and schedule a week in advance? Sure! However – the author email inbox needs to be managed daily in order to provide the level of responsiveness necessary to successfully manage author relationships and the flow of content.

Send resume and cover letter to: