David Thomas

David Thomas is CEO and Co-Founder of Evident ID. He is an accomplished cybersecurity entrepreneur, having held key leadership roles at market-pioneers Motorola, AirDefense, VeriSign and SecureIT. He has a history of introducing innovative technologies, establishing them in the market and driving growth – with each early-stage company emerging as the market leader. Since being recruited by the Department of Defense at a young age, David has been at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation. David sees cybersecurity as the key ingredient to enable trustworthy and fast interconnectivity between the billions of people and devices that will soon be constantly connected.

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Thanks to CCPA, Californian consumers are about to have more control over their personal data. Evident CEO David Thomas stresses that identity verification is key if organizations hope to prevent fraud when responding to data subject requests. January 1, 2020 marks more than just a new calendar year. For Californians, it marks a shift in power. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)...

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