Avi Meyerstein

Avi Meyerstein is a Washington, D.C.-based partner with the law firm Husch Blackwell LLP. He leads the firm’s Safety & Health group.

aerial view of worker in hi-vis jacket holding clipboard with long shadow

Husch Blackwell’s Avi Meyerstein discusses the impact COVID-19 may have on OSHA investigations. Are we looking at increased enforcement? Deregulation? New regulation? Time will tell. All bets are off as regulatory agencies are tugged in every direction in this pandemic world. Normally, an election year probably would not have seen particularly aggressive enforcement or rulemaking. For a while, COVID-19 health precautions and...

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coronavirus particle in office cubicle

After issuing guidance in April that leaned against recording most COVID-19 cases, OSHA has now walked back that guidance somewhat. Husch Blackwell’s Avi Meyerstein discusses the new guidance on recording your employee’s case of COVID-19. As COVID-19 spread widely through communities around the country, it immediately presented a challenge for employers. OSHA’s recordkeeping and reporting regulations require employers to record (and sometimes...

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red sign, company closed due to COVID-19 or Coronavirus outbreak

OSHA doesn’t seem to explicitly require an infectious disease response plan, but it’s prudent to prepare one anyway. Husch Blackwell’s Avi Meyerstein provides five major planning elements to help companies create a COVID-19 response plan. No company and no industry is immune from COVID-19. The virus is everywhere. If you haven’t been shut down by government order, your challenge is to adopt...

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