Alexandra Almy

Alexandra Almy has over seven years of professional experience in corporate anti-bribery compliance programs as consultant, communications manager and certification manager at ETHIC Intelligence, a leading certification agency specialized in anti-bribery compliance programs.

In addition to managing the certification activity, Alexandra is responsible for creating corporate communications material and website content.  She also drafts responses to consultations (OECD, UK Ministry of Justice, World Bank) on behalf of ETHIC Intelligence and regularly contributes articles on anti-bribery compliance in specialized journals.

Prior to joining ETHIC Intelligence, Alexandra studied the political economy of industrialized societies at the University of California, Berkeley and international security at the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po), where she developed a strong interest in sustainable development and links between the environment, corruption and security issues.

anti-corruption compliance programs

Executive Boards don’t just want to know that their companies have anti-corruption compliance programs. They want to know that the programs are effective at protecting the company. Certification can attest to more than the program’s existence, but its effectiveness for the specific organization. The key is flexibility in the standard used, with room for evaluation and feedback.

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