Reducing the Risk of Rogue Trading

Rogue traders may be uncommon, but the risks they pose are serious. Jim DeLoach writes on the importance of tone at the top (as well as tone in the middle), prescribes potential solutions, and proposes several questions for Boards and senior executives to consider when seeking to reduce the risks of rogue trading.

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Trade Compliance: Implementing Export Control Reforms

There have been three significant game changers lately that have served to complicate compliance with export control reform. LRN's Marian Ladner and Thomas Scott weigh in on the recent changes compliance practitioners need to be aware of in order to minimize risk and ensure compliance for their organizations now and going forward.


Enterprises Unprepared for New COSO Framework, Study Shows

The deadline for implementation of the 2013 COSO Framework is just around the corner. Tim O'Hara offers us a look into what's remained the same from the 1992 framework and what's changed. Auditors will be taking a closer look at operations where the 2013 iteration parts ways from the 1992 version. Where does your organization stand? ...

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Social Media: The Challenge of Managing Millions of Friends

For companies, the risks associated with social media use are increasing every day. They certainly include data privacy - once an opinion or piece of information is shared online, it can spread instantly beyond the corporation's reach and control - but also extend to compliance with industry-specific and federal guidelines for communications.


What the FIFA World Cup Teaches us about Risk Management

There have been more than a few lessons to learn from this year's World Cup. For the risk management professional, consider this: if your risk scoring system is as complex as FIFA's process for determining world rankings, you might be in trouble. More complicated systems don't necessarily garner more accurate results. In fact, often the opposite ...


Russian Roulette with Security Breaches

Many organizations aren't taking data security seriously, despite the fact that hackers continue to breach relatively secure systems at large corporations, subjecting those companies to reputational harm and loss of consumer trust. Some have recovered just fine, but smaller businesses don't bounce back as quickly. The fact is, a breach will happen to your company, too, sooner ...


Managing Corruption Risk

It's been made clear that violations of the FCPA can do an organization significant reputational harm and result in some very steep fines. To minimize the damage an employee or agent does to your company when engaging in corrupt behavior, you must have excellent controls in place. Even if the infraction is egregious, the fallout can be ...

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The 3 Dimensions of Risk

Organizations that have a fairly firm grasp of risk management tend to do fairly well in what James Bone calls the first and second dimensions of risk. It's common, however, for firms to fall short in the third dimension. So what is this third dimension of risk, and how can risk professionals guide their firms into more ...