Tactical Approaches for Proxy Season 2017 - report from Teneo

As most public companies approach the start of Proxy Season 2017, investor voting policies and the hottest trends in corporate governance are important issues companies will face at their annual meetings. Equally important are the practical considerations for how to navigate the proxy advisors, engage with investors, react to activists, and position boards for successful voting outcomes.

The landscape has changed in 2017. Most of the fundamental views in governance are out on the table. Say on Pay as a ballot item is over five years old, director independence has been around over a decade, and Sarbanes-Oxley drove significant changes in audit committees nearly fifteen years ago.

What has evolved recently is the way in which companies interact with the governance community. A thoughtful approach and clear messaging to the various constituents that will influence proxy season outcomes are as important as the issues underlying the narrative.

Here are “seven for seventeen” – seven helpful hints for the 2017 proxy season, along with do’s and don’ts for a successful season.

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