Compliance Training Platform Ushers In a New Era in Ethics and Compliance Training

Tempe, Ariz. – Global integrity and compliance firm The Red Flag Group today released Compliance Interactive®, a revolutionary compliance training platform designed to transform the way employees of large companies receive compliance training.

Using engaging, storyline-driven modules, an entertaining cast of CGI-animated characters and a relatable activity-based narrative, Compliance Interactive is designed to optimize employees’ learning experiences through an enterprise-wide e-learning platform, changing the way companies fulfill their compliance and ethics training obligations.

“For years, compliance training has involved dry content that was rolled out and made ‘mandatory’ despite a good deal of it being irrelevant to most of the employee base,” said Scott Lane, chairman of The Red Flag Group. “Compliance Interactive puts the ‘one-size-fits-all’ training model to rest, with no more wasted hours on unnecessary or irrelevant training.”

As opposed to licensing and implementing standard training titles from a catalog, the Compliance Interactive Adaptive Course System dynamically builds a single course specific to each employee – based on his or her role, responsibilities and location – from a selection of more than 600 modules.

“We developed Compliance Interactive with the understanding that each employee is different,” said Lane. “From managing teams, working across cultures or engaging in high-risk activities, employees’ activities dictate what they need to know from a compliance perspective. Therefore, compliance training should be tailored accordingly, to enable each employee to be most effective.”

Each course contains animated real-life scenarios paired with engaging narrative, encouraging the learner to become part of the story.

“This is the next best thing to real-life experience, as the learner experiences first-hand the character’s actions, can see what their motives are and how this can unfold in everyday life,” explained Lane. “The consequences of the character’s actions are both memorable and tangible, with the learner being able to relate to how those actions would impact his or her specific job role and experiences.”

Key features and benefits of Compliance Interactive include:

  • Tailored Topics. While the full Compliance Interactive course covers more than 200 topics and scenarios, individual learners will only receive the elements that are immediately relevant to them – and the information they need to know to perform effectively.
  • Customizable policies and procedures. For companies that want specific content, Compliance Interactive can be easily coupled with specific customizations that can easily be changed at any time.
  • Fast implementations with minimal administrative burden. Implementing one course with no complex course assignment rules results in fewer variables in the equation, dramatically reducing the time-intensiveness of administering multiple courses.
  • Multiple languages for global companies. Compliance Interactive is available in all key languages for global companies, with more available on request.

“Employees deserve a compliance program that is tailored for them, and not something that they need to study before working out how they can apply it to their environment,” added Lane. “Compliance Interactive distills compliance training down to a single course, so those who engage with the platform save time by not receiving information that’s irrelevant to their job functions.”

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