From the number of enforcement actions announced in February 2016 to the busy three-month summer period, we’ve see case after case. Is this the dawn of a new era? And if so — what can we learn from it? This book continues Tom Fox’s series of short works designed to provide clear and useful guidance to the compliance practitioner.

“The more I have read these enforcement actions, the more I believe they are hugely significant and need to be studied by every Chief Compliance Officer and compliance practitioner whose company is subject to the FCPA, because we may have reached a turning point in FCPA enforcement and how companies evaluate potential FCPA claims and disclosures.” — Tom Fox 

Tom is an attorney and FCPA expert, and the author of international best-sellers “Lessons Learned on Compliance and Ethics” and “Best Practices Under the FCPA.”  He is regular contributor to CCI.

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