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Empowering Your Business: Tools and Techniques to Conquer Payroll Tax Headaches & Avoid Liabilities

August 21 @ 1:00 pm - August 25 @ 10:00 am CDT


Payroll Taxes are one thing that all businesses have in common. Dealing with Payroll Tax Headaches can be overwhelming and frustrating for any business. Failure to properly file and report payroll taxes can result in huge fines and penalties for a business and may result in legal action.

This Tax webinar on payroll will give you guidance on precautions to take to keep from getting into a Payroll Tax Liability. It will provide tips on how to respond to notices and make claims for appeals to resolve tax liabilities. It will also cover details of IRC Section 6672 and the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty.

The material covered in this online webinar will give you the tools necessary to help your business remain in compliance and avoid Payroll Tax Headaches.

Why Should You Attend

Are you tired of grappling with the complexities of payroll taxes? Do the looming risks of penalties and legal action keep you up at night? We have the solution for you!

Don’t let payroll tax liabilities hold your business back or drain your resources. Join our highly informative webinar on Payroll Tax Headaches – Avoid Liabilities, and gain invaluable insights into navigating the intricate world of payroll taxes with ease and confidence.

Objectives of the Presentation

» To identify what IRC Section 6672 is and how to keep in compliance to avoid it.
» To identify ways to avoid a payroll tax liability.
» To explore how to respond to tax notices.
» To explore valuable resources to keep in compliance.

Areas Covered

Key topics covered in this webinar regarding Payroll taxes are as follows:

How an organization gets into a payroll tax liability
» Not paying taxes timely or according to federal or state guidelines
» Not researching regulations of where work is being performed to withhold proper taxes
» Paying taxes on the wrong frequency
» Improperly classifying employees as contractors
» Not withholding/over withholding on foreign employees

Precautions to take
» Research when going into a new location
» Audit tax withholdings
» Check liability before the New Year for frequency issues
» AP Audits against employee records
» I-9 Audits watch for red flags on employee documents
» When you realize a mistake was made file an amendment

Types of Consequences
» Fines/Penalties
» Levies
» Trust Fund Recovery Actions

IRC section 6672-trust fund recovery penalties
» What is IRC Section 6672
» What taxes does it apply to
» Types of Appeals/Claims
» Requests for Abatement/Refunds
» What parties can be held responsible

What to do when you receive a notice
» Respond to the Notice as soon as possible
» Write a detailed letter of explanation
» Send documentation to back up the claim
» Ask for a waiver of penalties and interest

Helpful websites, publications, and ways to get help
» IRS.gov, Publication 15
» State Websites and Employer Guides
» Local Government Websites
» Google/Search engines
» Taxpayer Advocate Service

Who Will Benefit

» Payroll Executives/Managers/Administrators/Professionals/Practitioners/Entry Level Personnel
» Human Resources Executives/Managers/Administrators
» Accounting Personnel
» Business Owners/Executive Officers/Operations and Departmental Managers
» Lawmakers
» Attorneys/Legal Professionals
» Any individual or entity that must deal with the complexities and requirements of Payroll compliance issues
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Tel: (989)341-8773


August 21 @ 1:00 pm CDT
August 25 @ 10:00 am CDT
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