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Bullying – This comprehensive course is designed to provide all employees contractors and how to understand and prevent inappropriate behaviors.

March 4 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm CST



This comprehensive course is designed to provide all employees (including part-time, contractors and others) how to understand and prevent inappropriate behaviors, The laws have recently changed, requiring much more responsibility of people in positions of power. We discuss the most recent federal government regulations, as well as providing a brief history of the development of these workplace protections. We also discuss in detail California’s requirements in preventing harassment, abusive behavior, bullying and discrimination.

California is usually among the states providing the most stringent protections – and other states usually follow these examples. Although we cannot cover the requirements in each and every state in a few hours course, we believe that by following the combination of federal and California State Law, plus our recommendations to be even more prudent, you will be in compliance.
Many examples of behaviors that could be construed as either appropriate or inappropriate – depending on the point of view of those involved will be offered as well as examples of clear inappropriate behaviors.

Laws against Abusive behavior -bullying – are new. We discuss these in detail.

In addition, there is a section on general prevention training – how to conduct it.

We cover the laws and examples of discrimination, harassment (sexual and otherwise) and the rights of the victim. Finally, we offer information about handling complaints and refer those we are instructing to other courses about investigating and dealing with conflict provided by Dr. Diamond

This author strongly suggests that this training be given to employees at least annually no matter how large or small the head count. It only takes two people to have a behavior reported as either harassment, bullying, or discrimination.
This is a valuable course that will help everyone in the workplace learn to be more understanding and courteous to others.

Why you should Attend

Not only is this mandatory for many of you, but the information contained in this course will enable you to recognize and prevent even the most subtle forms of harassment. As an employer or responsible person you want your staff (volunteers or paid) to behave in the most socially-workplace appropriate.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Discover the laws governing workplace protections from harassment, bullying and discrimination
  • Explore the many examples of behaviors that need to be analyzed and make your own decisions regarding them
  • Identify things such as adverse treatment and adverse impact
  • Discover types of harassment, bullying and discrimination and what you can and cannot allow in the workplace
  • Recognize the more subtle forms of harassment, bullying and discrimination ( such as hostile work environment and third party harassment) and learn how to respond to them
  • Identify ways to investigate, sanction and offer remedies stopping all inappropriate behaviors
    • Background of why this course is mandatory
    • History of the laws pertaining to the topic
    • Examples of harassment
    • Examples of discrimination
    • Examples of bullying
    • Quid Pro Quo
    • Hostile Work Environment
    • Reporting
    • Investigating
    • Appropriate responses

Who Will Benefit

  • Everyone who has to interact with others in associations, religious organizations and/or the workplace
  • All managers and others responsible for the safety of others in their location(s)

Event link :  https://www.traininng.com/webinar/-201237live?corporatecomplianceinsights-SEO

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March 4
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
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