Director of Compliance (Madison, WI)

Job description

JOB REQUIREMENTS: JOB ID: 15033 JOB TITLE: DIRECTOR OF COMPLIANCE JOB DETAILS: Reporting to the General Counsel of the UW System, this position performs the following duties: -Supervise and ensure compliance with the requirements of Wisconsin’s Public Records law, State of Wisconsin and UW System ethics requirements, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Title IX, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Supervise professional staff handling ADA, Title IX, and HIPAA. -Coordinate and support the UW System’s and comprehensive institutions existing, decentralized compliance units outside ADA, Title IX, and HIPAA to create an institutional compliance network. The Director will develop an effective institutional compliance program, which coordinates and provides support, advice, and training for compliance partners within UW System and between and among the comprehensive institutions. -Monitor internal and external compliance environments; produce reports; identify and communicate potential risks and vulnerabilities to University decision makers; and establish processes to coordinate and communicate internally regarding the UW System’s compliance with federal, state, and local laws, rules and regulations, as well as institutional policies. -Coordinate educational and training programs to ensure that members of the University community understand the compliance responsibilities relevant to their work. -Build collaborative relationships and establish regular communications processes with compliance partners within UW System and between and among the comprehensive institutions. -Develop a program that promotes: awareness of Regent, UW System and campus policies, as well as state and federal laws; use of compliance reporting; and an understanding of new and existing compliance issues, policies and procedures. -Report to the General Counsel on the performance of the Director’s duties and the operation and effectiveness of the UW System and comprehensive institutions’ compliance efforts; recommend solutions and risk mitigation priorities. -Hire and supervise the Office of Compliance staff (likely maximum of four FTE, three system compliance specialists [one currently filled] and one support staff) responsible for Public Records, Records Management, Ethics, HIPAA, Title IX, Cleary Act, ADA, Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity, Import Export Control and Immigration. -Update/improve/develop comprehensive compliance policies, procedures, guidelines, training and certification programs in collaboration within UW System and between and among the comprehensive institutions and with faculty and staff governance bodies. -Refer compliance problems/concerns to the appropriate UW System or comprehensive institution resources for investigation and resolution in coordination with the General Counsel. -Responsible for the Office of Compliance budget. -This position is directly involved in formulating, interpreting, and monitoring policies for the Office of Compliance. This position is a full-time, salaried (exempt) limited appointee position. Salary will be commensurate with the successful candidate’s education, related experience and qualifications. UW System employees receive an excellent benefit package. To learn more about the UWSA comprehensive benefit package, please access ALEX, the UW System’s on-line virtual benefits counselor. In addition to ALEX, you can read our benefit summary guide: Summary – Faculty, Academic Staff & Limited Appointees. Furthermore, the UW System Total Compensation Estimator is a tool designed to provide you with total compensation information. FOR ADDITIONAL DETAILS AND TO APPLY, VISIT THE FOLLOWING WEBSITE AND SEARCH FOR JOB ID: 15033 * OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: MINIMUM: -A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institu ion -At least three years of progressively responsible experience in law or the field of compliance in a complex organization -Demonstrated exceptional written and verbal communication skills -Demonstrated strong analytical and organizational skills -Demonstrated diplomatic skills working with key stakeholders, including senior officials -Demonstrated ability to adhere to appropriate standards of conduct and ethics -Demonstrated knowledge and use of Microsoft products and other technology skills -Experience supervising and leading a team, including participating in talent acquisition for a department or office; assigning and guiding the work of staff; and conducting performance reviews PREFERRED: -Advanced degree such as a Juris Doctorate, PhD, or other advanced terminal degree. -5+ years of experience in a compliance-related field, legal services/advice, or as a Professional compliance officer. -Demonstrated ability to work independently and as a member of a team. -Demonstrated ability to collaborate with and provide guidance to groups with diverse viewpoints, commitments, experiences, and responsibilities toward the attainment of common goals. -Demonstrated ability to facilitate and lead process-improvement efforts. -Excellent ability to communicate technical and complex concepts clearly and persuasively in writing, in meetings, in presentations, and in training sessions


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