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Data privacy, also known as information privacy, focuses on the proper handling of data usage, consent, notice, and regulatory obligations. It also includes discussion on the right to control how data is collected, shared, retained, or deleted. Our data privacy blog posts and news articles are written for compliance officers, auditors, and legal professionals. They include expert insights, opinions, training opportunities, events, whitepapers, podcasts, and webinars.

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You don’t have to look far for examples of cognitive hacking. Unfortunately, the evidence is virtually everywhere. Many believe cognitive hacking led to Donald Trump winning the presidential election. James Bone cautions that security professionals should become intimately familiar with...

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Data breaches can be PR nightmares for sure. But are they really open-and-shut cases for plaintiffs? In one high-profile case, the defense team focused on some smart questions, including whether plaintiffs were trying to hold the company to realistic standards...

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The security and privacy professional must walk a tightrope in ensuring privacy for a global corporation – rules differ from one country to the next. The EU directive on privacy provides a good baseline, however, and the GDPR will help...

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How big an impact is Brexit going to have on GDPR? The U.K. government has already committed to bringing the new European data protection regulations fully into force in 2018, but without any post-Brexit deal, could the U.K. find itself...

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The Trust Conundrum Users’ trust in the internet increases with greater usage. On the flip side, as internet usage increases, so does users’ risk exposure. James Bone explores this conundrum; it’s one hackers know well, and one they’re quick to...

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