Shaun Murphy

Shaun Murphy

Shaun Murphy Shaun Murphy, CEO and inventor of, is one of the nation’s leading experts in communication security with over 20 years experience in the industry. Shaun worked as a subject matter expert on high-level government communications software and hardware systems for numerous agencies. Now, Shaun has dedicated his life to developing technology solutions for the average consumer. His mission is to create a protected communications platform in a world where privacy has almost ceased to exist. Shaun earned his Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Central Florida. He also holds a Master’s of Computer Science from Florida Tech with a concentration in pattern recognition and machine learning in communication systems.

For the past decade, Shaun has worked for various contractors in the DoD space, including:

  • Dynamic Animation Systems.  Shaun was with Dynamic Animation Systems for four years working on several cloud projects, publishing research papers and serving as technical expert for various modeling and simulation projects involving high-level communications and automated IT security over cloud communications for an undisclosed project.
  • University of Central Florida. Shaun was an Associate at the Institute for Modeling and Simulation. He spent about four years there, working on research and development over various communication protocols and products for the future combat system and other undisclosed projects.
  • Science Applications International Corporation. Shaun worked on undisclosed communication frameworks and modeling and simulation products.
  • Harris Corporation in Melbourne, Australia. For five years, Shaun worked on government communication systems on undisclosed projects.

He has also held positions at:

  • Vshift, a company that focuses on B2B development of software system projects and contracts. He worked on several projects there, including Best Buy’s netrail.
  • Orlando Science Center. Shaun worked as a UCF contractor, co-designing and developing the MeasureMe exhibit.
  • Elcotel Inc. Shaun designed and implemented automated payphone and communication vulnerability assessments.

About SNDR

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