Roxi Hewertson

Roxi Hewertson headshot 2-4-15Roxi Bahar Hewertson, leadership authority and CEO of Highland Consulting Group, Inc. and, brings over three decades of practical experience in the worlds of business, higher education and nonprofits. She is an entrepreneur, consultant, speaker and author of the acclaimed book, “Lead Like it Matters…Because it Does” (McGraw-Hill October 2014) (, which provides leaders with a step-by-step roadmap and practical tools to achieve great results.


How to Lead Like it Matters

Executives' leadership styles matter. Their attitudes, approaches and communication styles have everything to do with the size of the ripple they make throughout the organization. Outlined here are four tenets of leadership that each leader, from middle managers to those in the C-Suite ought to master in order to lead their teams most effectively.

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