Gizem Alper

Gizem AlperGizem Alper is a corporate lawyer registered to the Istanbul Bar Association. She is currently a visiting scholar at The New School, Milano School of International Affairs, Management and Urban Policy in NYC. Gizem holds a Ph.D. Law from Istanbul University and an LL.M. from Leiden University and has amassed extensive experience in corporate and transactional law and compliance with multinational companies and in the banking industry.

bitcoin on microchip background

AML and Other Regulatory Concerns Virtual currency is gaining momentum by the day. There are many tax, compliance and regulatory issues still to be resolved around virtual currency, making it a controversial form of tender. However, if the issues are to be handled through a global initiative, this innovative financial tool may be helpful to developing societies globally. Virtual currency – the...

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governance, ethics, etc. crucial to corporate sustainability

There are international guidelines, initiatives and reporting recommendations concerning corporate sustainability. Also, many countries have regulated for reporting of certain sustainability values, especially those concerning climate change. However, in terms of overall corporate sustainability there are still lacking elements. An international certification could be a solution and enable binding instruments.

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ethics and compliance are integral to a sustainable business model

A sustainable business model requires the implementation of the principles of UNGC, contributes to the SDGs and has a sound ethical business practice and sustainable supply chain management. Corporate compliance programs, corporate accountability and engagement of leadership are tools for implementation of sustainable business practices. Also, a progressive approach to the ultra vires doctrine may provide for relevant sanctions using corporate law...

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