Bruce Beck & Jeri Teller-Kanzler

About the Authors

Bruce Beck is the Vice President for Business Development at Avior Computing. He has over 30 years of successful sales, business development and sales management experience in the technology industry, primarily focused on early stage companies. Mr. Beck significantly contributed to the successful IPOs of three companies where he was an executive.

Jeri Teller-Kanzler is the President and Principal Consultant for Risk-MAPP, LLC. In addition to her current consulting business, Jeri Teller-Kanzler is an adjunct professor at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), providing curriculum development, instruction, and graduate level program development guidance in the area of security technology; policies, law and ethics.

Mr. Beck and Ms. Teller-Kanzler can be contacted at the following email addresses: bbeck[at]aviorcomputing[dot]com and jtkanzler[at]riskmapp[dot]com.