Bjorn Reynolds

Bjorn ReynoldsBjorn Reynolds is the Founder and Chief Guardian (otherwise known as CEO) of SafeGuard World International (SGWI). Bjorn is a recognized industry leader and strategist for the global payroll markets. His passion for payroll is the driving force behind SGWI’s vision, strategy and culture, and he instills his enthusiasm for service excellence and success throughout the organization.

Bjorn has been at the forefront of transitioning businesses and creating successful value propositions for customers, shareholders and employees throughout his career. His entrepreneurship led SGWI to a prominent position in the U.K. Sunday Times “Virgin Fast Track 100” and he has been personally recognized in the “Payroll Top 50” by Payroll Magazine and as a “Game Changer” by Workforce Magazine.

Bjorn is a business graduate in Politics and American Studies holding a B.A. (Hons) from Wolverhampton University in the United Kingdom.

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