What happens when great minds get together and Talk about Trump?  Analysis, predictions and some pretty good rants.  Download it today.  This conversation is just getting started, so bookmark this page and return.

The election of Donald Trump has caused us all to wonder — and worry — about what the future may hold for compliance professionals. To help answer these questions, five top commentators on the FCPA, compliance and privacy issues have crafted essays highlighting their initial reactions and predicting the election’s impact on FCPA enforcement, the compliance profession and compliance practice generally.

How did this conversation begin?

Tom Fox’s “Everything Compliance” Podcast was the springboard for this continuing dialog.  When we all woke up to a new world on November 9, 2016, Tom responded by asking leading compliance commentators what they think FCPA enforcement and compliance might look like under the new administration. Tom dedicated an entire podcast episode to these issues and wisely recognized the need to compile these experts’ early reactions and to share them — in an on-going way — with the greater compliance community.

As a leading voice in compliance, Tom will continue this conversation as the story takes shape.  We look forward to sharing it with you.



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