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Improving the Effectiveness of AML Programs

Posted by - June 30, 2017
Using Artificial Intelligence to Minimize Risk Money laundering continues to be a serious concern for financial institutions across the globe, as legacy technologies allow an unacceptable number of illicit transactions to go unidentified. However, many forward-thinking financial institutions have begun working smarter by using artificial intelligence (AI), dramatically improving the…
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How to Conquer the Compliance Audit

Posted by - April 7, 2017
Ahead of a compliance audit, the goal should be to identify and resolve compliance risks before they become significant problems. Preventive measures save resources by eliminating the cost of noncompliance and damage to reputation, helping to create new business and maintain a competitive advantage.
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Ethics and Respect in the Face of Populism

Posted by - March 30, 2017
2017 is shaping up to be the year of populism in the U.S. This has direct implications for compliance, HR and diversity professionals. If diversity is a key driver of business competitiveness, how do you create a culture of ethics, respect and inclusion amidst this rising tide of populism?
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Why You Really Need to Pay Attention to Money-Laundering Risks

Posted by - February 24, 2017
Is your company in the money-laundering business? It very well might be. As banks become warier and apply more resources to anti-money-laundering (AML) efforts, creative criminals are eyeing nonfinancial companies as alternative means to “cleaning up” their act.