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Fraud and Bribery – They Go Hand in Hand

Bribery doesn't exist in a vacuum. In order for funds to change hands improperly, the bribing party needs access to those funds and a way to disguise how they're truly being used. Meaning: if there's fraud going on in your organization, internal controls are quite possibly lacking and your internal auditing system leaves something to be desired, ...

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Mitigating Bribery Risks with Financial Controls

Anti-corruption compliance is not as hard as it looks. In fact, by taking a step back, compliance professionals can gain insights. At the direction of compliance professionals, companies like to develop and adopt compliance policies and procedures. Compliance policies and procedures give the Board, senior managers and the CCO a feeling of comfort.


The 10 Most Important FCPA Internal Controls (Part One: Accounting Controls)

Under the FCPA, companies can be punished not only for the wrongful things they do, like paying bribes, but also for certain things they don’t do. In particular, the FCPA’s accounting provisions require companies to have internal controls in place. When companies do not have certain protections, such as appropriate accounting systems and anti-corruption policies, procedures and processes, ...

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Tone at the Top: Strong Links for Effective Risk Management

As the saying goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This adage rings true in many situations. In regard to risk, for example, there are countless points at which various individuals might contribute to the overall strength of an organization’s management of risk. The antithesis of the “it’s-not-my-job” mentality, this mindset is all about a corporate consciousness […]