HP Execs Embroiled in Bribery Investigation

  • April 15, 2010

Several execs and employees of HP are being investigated by German and Russian authorities for paying bribes to foreign officials to win a lucrative contract. The investigation brings up a bevy of potential FCPA issues as well.

Clarifying Comments

From time to time, one's ideas and opinions can be taken a bit out of context and that is, Mike Koehler believes, what occurred in a recent Corporate Crime Reporter article.

Disgorgement: The Devil You Don’t Know

Sasha Kalb and Marc Bohn of Miller & Chevalier provide an in-depth examination of the SEC's application of disgorgement - the remedy used to deprive wrong-doers of their ill-gotten gains and deter violations of federal securities law - in FCPA resolutions.

End of Grease Payments Coming

As explained by FCPA Compliance attorney Thomas Fox, an announcement by the OECD a few months ago should bring the considerable problems associated with facilitation in the international business arena into keener focus.

Daimler – “That’s All Folks”

Seeing as how the the DOJ effectively stated "that's all folks" in regard to the investigation into whether Daimler violated the FCPA, the company will most likely not have to plead guilty to anything.