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Data Analytics Becomes Reality

Posted by - July 18, 2017
4 Techniques for Auditors While data analytics in audit has been discussed for more than two decades, most internal audit teams are just beginning to make serious investments to embed analytics in their engagements and processes. Vendors highlight techniques such as predictive and prescriptive analytics; however, it is often unclear what these techniques entail and how they can be applied…
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Investing in a Top-to-Bottom Ethical Culture Using Data

Posted by - June 8, 2017
Findings from the 2017 Ethics and Compliance Survey Convercent and Ethisphere recently released findings from a survey about the importance of an ethical business culture. A culture of ethics is finally being recognized by the top brass as a key differentiator and critical to long-term success. The report touches on…
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Outsourcing Integration and Data Management Services

Posted by - June 6, 2017
The Key to M&A Success The ability to handle data integration and management efficiently is a key factor in M&A success. Companies that are contemplating M&A activities should consider taking a modern approach to data integration and management so they can more effectively manage deal-making activities, align disparate elements and…
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Manage Enterprise Risk Like an Orchestra Conductor

Posted by - May 31, 2017
Professionals in the risk management field have shifted gradually away from a siloed approach to a more integrated approach. As most of us know, however, the switch is not easy; it can be overwhelming to keep on top of the full range of enterprise risks. John Verver posits that technology…
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Internal Audit Awareness

Posted by - May 23, 2017
May is Internal Audit Awareness Month. What better time to discuss the challenges that come with preparing for audits and what companies can do to be better prepared? This article highlights trends in IA, insights into how auditors can continue to push their organizations forward and advice on how to…
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2017: A Transformational Year for GRC

Posted by - March 6, 2017
Driven by technology advances, GRC is going through a sea change. Practitioners are completely rethinking the GRC infrastructure and will use digital transformation and data analytics to make their programs far more responsive to the evolving needs of their organizations. GRC practitioners who ignore this transformation do so at their…