What Global Corruption Scandals Can Teach Us

Posted by - January 10, 2018
Businesses are coming under increased scrutiny, to ensure that their domestic and foreign operations comply with anti-corruption and anti-bribery legislation. The risk of investigation has never been greater and the reputational risk, given the current media interest in these sorts of scandals, will increasingly be a consideration for companies especially…
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Keeping Score of FIFA’s Corruption, Compliance and Efforts for Reform, Part 2

Posted by - October 10, 2017
Read Part 1. Changing the Game Plan In late June, FIFA, the world’s governing soccer organization, released the “Garcia Report,” chronicling the extensive corruption and conflicts of interest that occurred in FIFA’s awarding of the men’s 2018 and 2022 World Cup venues. Part 1 summarized the report’s findings. Part 2…
Okavango Grassland in Botswana

TRACE Podcast: Corruption’s Toll on Africa

Posted by - July 5, 2017
Former ambassador to Botswana (and Staff Director of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s subcommittee on African affairs) Michelle Gavin has a great deal of experience in Africa and real insight into the toll corruption has taken on that continent. In today’s episode, she discusses with Alexandra Wrage the perception of…
Kabul, Afghanistan

TRACE Podcast: Thieves of State

Posted by - June 28, 2017
In today’s episode, Alexandra Wrage speaks with Sarah Chayes, a Senior Fellow at Carnegie’s Democracy and Rule of Law program and author of the book “Thieves of State: Why Corruption Threatens Global Security.” Sarah witnessed the fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan and worked in the country as an entrepreneur, where…
view of Trump hotel in Azerbaijan

TRACE Podcast: Trump Hotel – Baku

Posted by - June 14, 2017
Alexandra Wrage interviews Adam Davidson, a staff writer for The New Yorker who recently wrote an article entitled “Donald Trump’s Worst Deal.” The article tells the story of a deserted Trump hotel and an Azerbaijani partner in the deal who hailed from a corrupt family with ties to Iran’s revolutionary…
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ISO 37001: Anti-Bribery Management Systems

Posted by - March 6, 2017
ISO 37001 specifies requirements and provides guidance for establishing, implementing, maintaining, reviewing and improving an anti-bribery management system. There is, of course, good cause for businesses in India to adopt the new standard, but it’s likely that there will be some staunch opposition to the change.
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Why You Really Need to Pay Attention to Money-Laundering Risks

Posted by - February 24, 2017
Is your company in the money-laundering business? It very well might be. As banks become warier and apply more resources to anti-money-laundering (AML) efforts, creative criminals are eyeing nonfinancial companies as alternative means to “cleaning up” their act.

The Future of Work

Posted by - October 5, 2016
SilkRoad’s TalentTalk Podcast, Episode 12 Sharlyn Lauby, Human Resources Management: author, writer, speaker, consultant – ‎HR Bartender, discusses the future of work with us. Learn how deeper analytics, better training for managers, and creating a blended work environment will define the future of work and whether or not organizations will…
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Taking Contract Management to the “Max”

Posted by - October 4, 2016
Artificial Intelligence is moving into the mainstream of business — with artificial intelligence applications such as Max, an intelligent agent that uses machine learning to drive business outcomes. Max can help a contract team navigate to the optimal deal by offering the right legal language and the best commercial terms.
Minimizing risk with an integrated contract management system

Driving Corporate Compliance with End-to-End Visibility

Posted by - September 6, 2016
With today’s business relationships defined by contracts, integration with numerous other business processes is becoming a necessity. Cloud-based contracting solutions remove compliance risk and enable enhanced business decisions. Read on for more detail.

Think Before You Arbitrate!

Posted by - October 23, 2015
In many cases it's preferable for an employer to resolve a dispute via arbitration rather than in court. But that's not at all true across the board. Having an arbitration agreement in place doesn't entirely protect an organization from going to court when employment practices are called into question. And…

Is Your Firm Compliant or Complacent?

Posted by - October 21, 2015
A recent study has found that nearly 40 percent of general counsel lack visibility into corporate risk due to poor contract management practices. This lack of visibility directly impacts compliance, which is especially troubling for the financial services industry, where regulatory violations open organizations up to massive liability and fees.