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Top Risks Facing General Counsel in 2018

Posted by - March 30, 2018
Common Concerns for CLOs In the past, the law department was positioned solely as advisors on legal problems, but this year brings the chief legal officer’s role as a key business strategist to the forefront. While chief legal officers and general counsel work for companies of varying sizes within different…

The Role of HR in Compliance

Posted by - March 30, 2018
Q&A with Alonzo Martinez, Associate Counsel, Compliance at HireRight Today we are pleased to share an interview between Alonzo Martinez of HireRight and CCI’s Publisher, Maurice Gilbert. Alonzo shares his thoughts on some of the key staffing- and employment-related challenges companies currently face. Maurice Gilbert: How did you get started…
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The Power of Whistleblowers in the Modern Age

Posted by - March 23, 2018
Lessons Learned from the Trenches The #MeToo and #TimesUpNow social media campaigns sparked a movement to expose intimidating behavior and sexual assault in the workplace. Because of the resulting paradigm shift, harassed employees are empowered to speak up about wrongdoings. Corporate investigators Amy Conway-Hatcher and Bridget Moore discuss the need…
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5 Ways to Encourage Discretionary Effort

Posted by - March 16, 2018
Building a Culture of Excellence Star performers often have an innate, internal drive to exceed expectations. It’s a tough thing to cultivate, but relatively easy to quash. Leaders should be careful not to stymie this quality in their teams. Linda Henman offers five tips to encourage “discretionary” effort. Years ago,…
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How to Promote a Risk-Aware Climate in a Risk-Averse Environment

Posted by - February 16, 2018
with co-author Chris Matlock Making the Investment to Shift Risk Culture Risk culture, though difficult to define, is one of the most mentioned topics by Fortune 500 executives and for regulators across several industries. However, despite this visibility in quarterly calls, creating, measuring and influencing risk culture continues to defy…
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The Learning Mindset

Posted by - January 31, 2018
Many leaders have trouble making tough calls and find themselves stalled by indecision and good intentions. Developing a learning mindset can help them do better.
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4 Major Audit Risk Themes for 2018

Posted by - December 4, 2017
As Audit teams start thinking about their 2018 plans, being able to identify new trends in emerging risk areas that threaten to disrupt enterprise performance over the next year is critical. This explains 12 risks, connected by four major risk themes, that organizations need to have on their radar and…
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Armed With Confidence: The Infallible Edge

Posted by - November 2, 2017
With most companies and industries facing uncertainty when looking to the future, there arises the question of how confident organizations are in executing their strategies successfully. More specifically, how can executive management and the board of directors assist the organizations they oversee with facing the future confidently?
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Compliance Automation is Changing the Game

Posted by - October 31, 2017
How the Latest Stress Reducer Can Benefit Your Business Employee laws and requirements are often quick to change under each new administration—and compliance professionals are no strangers to the headaches of having to adapt. But now, there’s a solution that can make compliance a breeze for businesses of all sizes:…
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“Civil” War in the Workplace

Posted by - October 27, 2017
While most employers establish policies to promote a civil workplace, the NLRB has instituted new roadblocks, declaring that many of these policies violate federal law. Employers nationwide may now be in violation of these new federal regulations, but there remain a few steps employers can take to align with the…
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5 Ways to Elevate the Board’s Oversight of Compliance

Posted by - September 29, 2017
Expanding the View to Include Culture Does your organization view compliance as a “check the box” exercise? Many companies do. Chuck Saia, CEO of Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory, feels differently and shares five ways a board can start broadening its view – and management’s view – of compliance to…
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Evolving Compliance

Posted by - September 28, 2017
Is Your Program Adaptive? True Office Learning works with major corporations to provide detailed compliance insights through data analytics. Over the years, they’ve learned a lot about how employees learn and the benefits of creating adaptive learning environments. This kind of environment is key in knowledge acquisition and retention, and…