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AI & Data Analytics: The Fraud Mitigation Dream Team

Posted by - December 5, 2017
The advances in technology in recent years have led to an exponential increase in the volume of data collected and stored. How can investigators maximize data analytics to achieve the most effective—and efficient—results for their clients? The answer lies in harnessing the power of AI to augment the capability and…
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Can AI Be the Next Step in GRC’s Evolution?

Posted by - October 18, 2017
How IT Can Leverage AI to Prevent Major Cybersecurity Incidents The need for artificial intelligence (AI) in IT governance, risk and compliance (GRC) is growing quickly.  As companies expand their digital footprints, cybersecurity vulnerabilities worsen due to an increased amount of data being produced from IT security monitoring and performance…
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6 Critical Components of Next-Gen Compliance Solutions

Posted by - October 9, 2017
Key Considerations for Your Next Compliance Tech Dun & Bradstreet’s Global Regulatory Strategist outlines six key traits compliance professionals should be on the lookout for when evaluating next-gen compliance solutions. In an increasingly global economy where pressure for cost control is high, accessibility to broader data and advanced technologies can help compliance…

Thomson Reuters Report Highlights Legal Departments’ View of Technology, Artificial Intelligence

Posted by - October 3, 2017
In-house attorneys confident in use of technology, unclear on implementation of AI  Eagan, MN (October 3, 2017) — Two-thirds of in-house attorneys are confident and ready to try new technology, according to a new Thomson Reuters report, Ready or Not: Artificial Intelligence and Corporate Legal Departments. The report measures the perceptions of…
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Driving Compliance in Financial Services Through AI

Posted by - September 29, 2017
What Money Laundering Looks Like in Community Banks Although they generally have smaller compliance teams and budgets, the nation’s community banks face the same arduous compliance challenges as their larger bank counterparts. Artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions can greatly assist community banks by detecting suspicious entities and transactions in…
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Intelligent Automation: Designing the Intelligent Organization

Posted by - September 25, 2017
The Driver Behind Enterprise Situational Awareness Intelligent automation is an emerging solution to enable intelligent decision-making at the strategic level, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be complex or require cumbersome new infrastructure. In fact, since overly complicated approaches to intelligent automation tend to result in project failure, simplicity may…
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Is Artificial Intelligence Ready for Financial Compliance?

Posted by - September 19, 2017
Key Challenges and Benefits of AI Machine learning and artificial intelligence have become buzzwords in the financial services industry. Daniel Fernandez helps to break down the difference between the two terms and explains how these technologies are being used by compliance departments today. By delving into how these technologies work,…
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How AI is Transforming the Anti-Money Laundering Challenge

Posted by - August 10, 2017
A Much-Needed Intelligent Approach to Segmentation Anti-money laundering (AML) is a complex and persistent challenge for financial institutions. AI is transforming key elements of the AML workflow and delivering an order of magnitude in performance improvements in the process. Money laundering has become the leading source of compliance fines for…
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Growth in E-Commerce Requires Dynamic Solution for Fraud

Posted by - August 1, 2017
Both Tech and Human Defenses Are Needed The risk of a cyberattack – nearly anywhere – grows with every passing day. We’ve heard it from the highest levels of government, and we’ve seen an inkling of what a far-reaching breach can do through viruses such as Petya and Wanna Cry.…
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Reimagining Enterprise Fraud Risk Management

Posted by - July 6, 2017
A Digital Transformation Increased sophistication in technology platforms, banking channels and digital initiatives has ushered in transformation in the banking industry. But these changes have also brought about increasingly sophisticated financial crimes. Bank fraud is now being committed by tech savvy criminals who find means to bypass the fraud detection…