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The Red-Headed Stranger and the Arachnys Open Data Compass

I thought about Willie Nelson when I came across a recent release by the UK company Arachnys Information Services Ltd (Arachnys), entitled Open Data Compass, about their tool designed to help businesses identify "information blind spots and evaluate online access to corporate, litigation and news records from emerging markets."


The Battle of Shiloh, Corruption in Ukraine and Things to Come

Monday marked the 126th anniversary of the ending of the the two-day battle of Shiloh. On the second day, the Union troops under General Grant largely recovered the ground that the Confederate troops had taken on the first day. Grant was severely criticized for allegedly being taken by surprise by the Confederate attack, but he managed to survive the ...


FCPA Year in Review 2013, Part 1

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) enforcement activity in 2013 was robust, with the DOJ and SEC bringing 31 new FCPA enforcement actions, exceeding 2012’s total of 25.

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The FCPA and Fight Against Terrorism

I admit it took me awhile to finally get it. I have long wondered what could have caused the explosion in DOJ and SEC enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).