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Anti-Corruption Enforcement in Brazil Heats Up Against Individuals

The winds of change have reached Brazil, and it's fast becoming clear that the Brazilian government is putting the kibosh on corruption there. Violations of the Clean Companies Act have yet to bring about enforcement actions, but meanwhile, authorities are prosecuting individuals. Here, Matteson Ellis covers three high-profile cases and considers what they may portend.

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EY Fraud Survey & Compliance Fatigue: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Ideally, executives will drive home the importance of a culture of ethics both with their words and their actions. However, it's often difficult to do business ethically while maintaining strong financial performance and a competitive edge. When the prospect of satisfying both goals seems impossible, something's got to give. Unfortunately, this is where the justification begins.


“Don˜t Bribe for Me, Argentina:˜ Corruption Risks on the Río de la Plata

Argentina is home to scenic landscapes, rich culture and corruption, unfortunately. Matteson Ellis, expert in all things FCPA-related in Latin America, draws from years of experience in Argentina to walk us through five common risks for corruption in the country, many of which are a direct result of government policy and officials with ulterior motives.

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Ukraine Signs Anti-Corruption Initiative Ahead of National Elections

The tides may be turning in Ukraine. Anti-corruption measures were signed into effect in May, and the initiative's supporters expect improved transparency, with resulting increases in investment into the country from foreign investors. This comes just as the EBRD predicts a coming economic decline in the country. We'll have to stay tuned to see what happens.

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The Next Frontier in International Anti-Corruption Enforcement

Anti-corruption enforcement is evolving, and significant challenges lie ahead. FCPA expert Matteson Ellis presents three issues compliance professionals are likely to face in the coming months and years. There are allegations of bias impeding international cooperation and the involvement of several regulatory bodies raises questions regarding jurisdictional authority…


Anti-Corruption and Bribery: Vigorous Enforcement Continues

If 2013 taught us anything about the new FCPA landscape, it’s that aggressive enforcement is on the rise and penalties are skyrocketing. A number of trends have emerged and it’s worth noting that while enforcement actions are up, so are rewards for good behavior. But expect some shifts. Regulatory bodies worldwide are stepping up their efforts.