A short film about Richard Bistrong’s journey through the dark side of international business, “getting caught” and what that might mean for today’s compliance challenges.

A recent conversation between Richard Bistrong and CCI’s publisher, Maurice Gilbert:

MG: Richard, I recently watched this video where you share the experience of being sentenced by a Federal Judge.  I found it to be a very resonating and personal reflection. Why would you decide to share your story in such a public forum?


RB: Thank you, Maurice.  As you well know, I have been writing both on my own blog, and guest writing, where CCI was one of my first engagements, about my experience on the front-lines of international business in the context of today’s anti-bribery compliance challenges.  As a result of those articles, I am often asked, “Do you have anything which our teams  can watch where you share your story?”  So about a six months ago a very talented videographer, Alain Pirot, was filming me for an anti-corruption documentary which aired in France, and he basically said “Richard, your story is really interesting. How about when I come back to the U.S., that we do some filming so you can share it with others.”


MG: So then what happened?

RB: Well, he really meant it, and around six months ago, when Alain was visiting the U.S., he came to my home, and we filmed this work, which thanks to his support and talent, is now available to be viewed.  And Maurice, thank you for thinking of it, and me, as bringing value to the CCI community.

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Richard Bistrong

Richard Bistrong, CEO of Front-Line Anti-Bribery LLC

Former FCPA Violator and FBI/UK Cooperator; Anti-Bribery Consultant; Writer & Speaker

Richard Bistrong spent much of his career as an international sales executive in the defense sector and currently consults, writes and speaks on foreign bribery and compliance issues from that front-line perspective. Richard’s experience included his role as the Vice President of International Sales for a large, publicly traded manufacturer of police and military equipment, which required his residing and working in the UK. For well over 10 years, Richard traveled overseas in his sales responsibility for approximately 250 days per year.

In 2007, Richard was targeted by the U.S. Department of Justice in part due to an investigation of a UN supply contract and was terminated by his employer. In that same year, as part of a cooperation agreement with the DOJ and subsequent Immunity from Prosecution in the United Kingdom, Richard assisted the United States, Great Britain and other governments in their understanding of how FCPA, bribery and other export violations occurred and operated in international sales. Richard’s cooperation, which spanned three years of covert cooperation and two years of trial preparation and testimony, was one of the longest in a white-collar criminal investigation. In 2012, Richard was sentenced as part of his own plea agreement, and served fourteen-and-a-half months at a federal prison camp. Richard was released in December of 2013.

Richard now consults, writes and speaks about current front-line anti-bribery compliance and ethics issues. Richard shares his experience on anti-corruption and ethical challenges from the field of international business, reflecting on his own perspective and practice as a former sales executive and law enforcement cooperator. Richard currently consults with organizations through his company, Front-Line Anti-Bribery LLC, and welcomes the opportunity to exchange and share perspectives on real-world anti-bribery and compliance challenges.  Richard has shared his experience, via keynotes and panels, with the OECD, World Bank and International Anti-Corruption Academy, as well as major multinationals and leading academic institutions.

Richard can be reached via his website www.richardbistrong.com  or email richardtbistrong@gmail.com and he frequently tweets on #FCPA & #compliance via @richardbistrong.  Abstracts on his consulting practice can be found on his website. Richard is also a Contributing Editor to the FCPA Blog at www.fcpablog.com.

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