API Technology Actively Monitors Content Compliance with Federal and State Regulations, as well as Brand Safety Guidelines

New York, NY (August 1, 2017) – Even Financial, the definitive supply-side API and platform for online consumer financial products and services, today announced the launch of its Programmatic Compliance Tool. The API-based technology enables online financial services institutions to streamline marketing efforts and compliance across all 50 states. Using the tool, organizations can ensure that marketing material adheres to specific federal and state regulations, as well as brand safety guidelines.

The migration of financial services products online has enabled organizations to operate beyond physical locations, opening a range of new markets. Each state requires adherence to specific local regulations, as well as federal guidelines. To lawfully operate across these markets, online financial services organizations must monitor compliance for each individual market. This is a cumbersome, expensive process that is now automated and made more affordable with Even Financial’s Programmatic Compliance Tool.

Organizations marketing online loans, credit cards or other financial products can seamlessly integrate the Programmatic Compliance Tool’s API into their campaigns to extend the reach of their marketing programs with confidence. The technology monitors all marketing content to ensure that product recommendations, and the language used, adhere to the applicable local and federal regulations. In addition, the technology monitors for brand safety to make sure the brand is being represented correctly.

“As we’ve been operating our supply-side platform, we noticed that organizations were having to take on burdensome tasks in order to maintain marketing efforts across the online landscape,” said Phillip Rosen, CEO and co-founder of Even Financial. “We decided that technology, if properly designed, could unload marketers of those tedious tasks, all the while improving compliance, lowering costs and allowing organizations to expand the reach of their campaigns through affiliates without sacrificing adherence to these strict guidelines. This was the driving objective behind the development of Even Financial’s Programmatic Compliance Tool.”

The Programmatic Compliance Tool uses state-of-the-art machine learning to actively monitor and analyze the language of marketing channels for violations and adherence to specific requirements. The technology is available to all companies using Even Financial’s platform. It is also available as a SaaS to interested organizations that are not currently working with the platform.

For more information on Even Financial and its offerings, please visit: www.evenfinancial.com.

About Even Financial

Even Financial is the definitive supply-side API and platform for online consumer financial products and services. Via its proprietary API, Even Financial creates real-time matches between qualified consumers with the right financial products and services at the right time, while providing transparency and reduced cost of acquisition to online finance products and services providers. Working with leading online finance institutions, as well as an affiliate network of over 100 sites and apps, Even Financial provides a holistically integrated, cutting-edge, user-friendly platform with leading back-end analytics. The Even Financial platform enables a new generation of real-time online financial products and services for both business and consumers. To learn more about Even Financial, please visit: www.evenfinancial.com.

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