Job Board

We can safely assume that the majority of visitors and subscribers to Corporate Compliance Insights are those who understand and value the importance of compliance and ethics in organizations. We also understand that one of the most important components of a healthy long-term compliance and ethics initiative at any company is finding and hiring compliance-minded and ethical people to carry out the initiative on a daily basis.

Additionally, since launching CCI we have received numerous requests from readers and partners alike to provide a forum for current job listings in ethics, compliance, governance, and risk management.

The CCI Job Board (currently in its initial beta testing phasing) has been established to leverage the underlying the truth of the aforementioned two assumptions into a valuable resource for both companies and GRC professionals. Thus, one of our mid-term goals at CCI is to a create a job board for GRC-related positions that succeeds in accomplishing two objectives:

  1. Giving companies far-reaching exposure for job openings to individuals for whom compliance and ethics are important.
  2. Providing GRC professionals with with job listings specific to their area of passion and expertise.

We will be doing a few test job postings and slowly integrating the job board into the site. If you are a company interested in learning more about how the CCI Job Board can become a valuable component of your recruiting strategy, click here to send us an email or go to the contact CCI page to use the contact form.

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