New book from Frank Bucaro reveals path to ethical high road for 21st century companies

While many CEOs and execs often view their firms immune to ethical catastrophes, bad apple employees, or gradual descents into a culture that permits illegal behavior, a multiple studies show that now more than ever, companies are at risk of fostering highly unethical workplace environments.

In his new book, The Trust Puzzle: How to Keep Your Company on the Ethical High Road, author Frank Bucaro, CSP,CPAE, explains how companies are at a high risk for cultivating unethical cultures in the information age, and of course how to not only avoid them, but to make a company an example that other CEOs use as a model for their own ethical strategies.

“The impetus for my book comes from other 30 years of experience in dealing with this issue of unethical corporate cultures, how to reverse the effect, and ultimately how to prevent it from happening in the future,” Bucaro says. “The pervasiveness of temptations to cheat or ignore company policies are prevalent more than ever, due largely to advents of the internet and constant connectivity, as well as a demand for record levels of productivity in an age where the cost and risk of doing business are also higher than ever. To put it simply, my book makes this more manageable through understanding business ethics.”

The Trust Puzzle is divided into six sections, each of which can be read as an independent guide to developing a new level of ethical behavior and understanding within a company. For instance, section three deals with building a company “moral compass,” and asks the reader to remember a specific time they lost their way, ethically, and what they did to get back on the right track. This section of the book explains how to execute that exact same strategy but from a business leadership perspective.

Packed full of other roadmaps, tactics, and excellent ideas on business ethics, The Trust Puzzle is available for download at Learn more about the author by visiting

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