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Avenues for Reporting Employee Concerns

Do you - or does your company - tend to make things harder than they need to be? Compliance is one of those areas that must be effective, but not overly complicated. Sometimes simpler is better. Take reporting employee concerns, for example. Some firms use multiple avenues for reporting staff concerns, but for most, with ...


How to Make Your Code of Conduct More Engaging

If walking employees through the code of conduct involves sitting them down in front of a 50-page document, armed with a fresh pot of coffee, then you're doing it wrong. How much of that massive missive do you think they're likely to remember? Assuming retention is the aim here, may we suggest some alternate strategies? Make ...


Culture Drives Reputation

Culture, ethics and compliance are inextricably linked. Where employees have faith in leadership to do the right thing, and where they see it being done from day to day, compliance is likely not to be an issue. Where there's a clear lack of communication and poor decision making at the top, morale plummets and reputation will undoubtedly ...

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Replace Seat-of-the-Pants Flying With a More Systematic Approach

Taking to the skies or trying to land without first running through a flight checklist may mean you don't get where you're going at all, but instead wind up somewhere between your departure and arrival destinations, surrounded by plane wreckage. As with piloting an aircraft, leading a company is a complex business and one that requires a methodical, ...


Poverty Mentality Leads to Poor Decisions

Is your organization "talent poor," or just afraid to let its people take risks and spearhead change? Does the company lack in influence or in confidence? High self esteem carries individuals and businesses far, but a poverty mentality takes them nowhere good. Decisions made out of fear may keep operations afloat -- for a time -- ...


Internal Investigations and the Importance of Witness Interviews

The costs can really add up when internal investigations get underway, but cutting corners is generally a bad idea. Particularly during the interview process. If you're serious about uncovering the truth, the important interviews should be handled by experienced attorneys, not by counsel a bit greener around the edges who will be less likely to pick up ...

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The Move to “New IT:” Driving Digital Innovation in Enterprise IT

If you want to drive the IT organization forward, start with taking inventory. What activities and assets add value, and which are valueless? Clear out the superfluous and free IT to do more than subsist. A thriving IT organization doesn't simply maintain the status quo; it innovates. And forward movement equals greater market share and ...


Is More Corporate Governance the Answer? (Part 2 of 5)

Glen Jenkins continues his deep dive into corporate governance through the years with today's analysis of some landmark events during the 1970s, brought on by a bank bailout, a corporation's bankruptcy and the Watergate scandal, the impacts of which reached much farther than the White House. Moral failures in each helped to set the stage for today's governance ...


Communicating Voluntary Disclosure of Corporate Political Spending

In recent years, restraints have been lifted somewhat with regard to corporate political spending, but, in response to increased pressure from the public, lobbying and political spending disclosure may very well be making a comeback. This being the case, organizations should have a good understanding of how disclosure should be properly and strategically handled.

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Corporate Governance in the Era of the NSA

Many of us knew before the Edward Snowden revelations that the government's reach is long, but when it was made clear just how much they truly have access to, it's fair to say that there were chills all around. Regardless of industry, organizations have a responsibility to protect consumer, patient or user data. If we don't know ...