Continuous Control Monitoring in the ERP

Continuous Control Monitoring in the ERP

Continuous controls monitoring (CCM) and continuous transaction monitoring (CTM) are increasingly becoming an integral part of the journey to achieve an effective and efficient GRC program. PwC's Michael Baccala and Robert Clark talk about a practical way to take action on making full use of your enterprise risk planning investment in meeting your governance, risk and compliance obligations and ...

world bank sanctions guidance

World Bank Sanctions: Guidance for Practitioners

The World Bank sanctions system has teeth. Just ask Oxford University Press, Alstom, KBR, and the more than 80 other companies and individuals debarred last year for violating the Bank’s Procurement Guidelines and Consultant Guidelines. If you happen to be serving as a respondent’s attorney before the Sanctions Board, here are some things you should know.

compliance and ethics

Better the Devil You Know Than the Devil You Don’t

Statistically, more reports about fraud and potential compliance & ethics deviations are made through the management chain of command than through a “hotline.” While chain-of-command reporting is, in my opinion, the better path, it could also remove a significant compliance control feature – assuring that the compliance officer is made aware of such complaints.

fraud corporate integrity agreement

Your Corporate Compliance and the Corporate Integrity Agreement

Management that turns deaf ears when subordinates report false billing or illegal marketing in dealing with federal or state governments can unleash a torrent of financial and reputational harm on the company. Indeed, that scenario is just the sort of situation that can turn into a full-blown, multi-million-dollar whistleblower settlement brought by a company insider under qui tam provisions ...

dominique strauss-kahn fcpa compliance

FCPA Compliance Monitoring: Catching the Red Flags

Many organizations overlook their ERP system as a “data-driven” line of defense. It is a transaction-based system that, if properly managed, can assist in preventing corporate failures or capturing illegal activities that can cripple an organization. It’s designed to protect an organization, small or large, private or public, from illegal activity. In the wake of […]

looting during blackouts and corporate fraud

Human Nature Gives Us Good Reason to be Afraid of the Dark

Breaking shop windows during a blackout and defrauding companies or taking advantage of lax regulatory enforcement may appear at first blush to be completely different phenomena. But if you think about their similarities, it’s apparent that they are all manifestations of the same human predisposition to break or bend the rules for immediate personal gain in circumstances where there ...