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Let’s Defend Elitism

We need to rediscover the intellectual confidence to sort out and rank competing values. Fairness is not the same as equality, and equal opportunity at the starting gun does not and should not guarantee equality at the finish line.

U.S. Regulation of Exports and International Conduct: Export Controls & Economic Sanctions Compliance

Export control and sanction requirements have been around for years, but now are taking on increasing prominence in the wake of record-setting fines. To follow up previous articles in his U.S. Regulation of Exports and International Conduct series, Foley & Lardner's Greg Husisian provides an overview of the basic economic sanctions compliance best practices that many multinational corporations adopt ...

When Management Fails: Missing the Obvious Can Topple A Company

With increased regulations, management must educate themselves on the nuts and bolts of wage and hour laws to avoid penalties. Fisher & Phillips' John Skousen walks us through several current labor laws, providing examples from California, and illustrates just how costly noncompliance can be for corporations.


Corporate Fraud: Lessons For Improving Corporate Compliance

Legal requirements are of concern to compliance personnel. But “compliance” as a mantra does not end there. Instead, fraud prevention only begins with legal prohibitions. Stated differently, “compliance” is not a destination. Rather, it is a goal that will evolve as business necessities and circumstances change. Fox Rothschild's David Restaino covers corporate compliance holistically, from the laws that govern ...


Social Media Comments: Make Sure You Investigate Before You Terminate

Social media comes with its risks, but it can also provide significant rewards for companies that are smart about social media. However, it seems that the headlines have been dominated by stories about employers who have fired employees for remarks made on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other sites. Employees who feel they were wrongfully terminated are fighting back. Lindsay ...