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The Tangible and Intangible Drivers of FCPA Risk in Venezuela Today

Venezuela is considered by experts to be one of the most corrupt countries in Latin America, and the problem appears to have worsened over the years. The probability of FCPA violations is high for companies doing business in Venezuela, and when you look closely, it's easy to see why. Matteson Ellis explores the ways in which companies ...


Bobby Keys, the Rolling Stones and Establishing Trust

While due diligence is essential when doing business with or through third parties, ultimately trust is critical in maintaining successful business relationships. No matter how thorough the questionnaire or how in-depth the business justification, even well-vetted partners can do you wrong if the relationship consists of a series of box-ticking encounters. Don't overestimate the power of transparency.


Views from FCPA Enforcement’s Latin American Specialists

It's no secret that Miami serves as a sort of bridge to Latin America. For that reason, it's home to several Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement officers specializing in Latin America. FCPAmericas' Matteson Ellis attended the American Conference Institute's recent Anti-Corruption Boot Camp in Houston and today shares with CCI what these experts had to share.

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Doing Business in India – Corruption Risks and Responses

A recently released whitepaper from Foley & Lardner and India-based MZM Legal offers much-needed guidance on maintaining compliance with the FCPA while doing business in India. Tom Fox has done the heavy lifting already, however, and provides CCI readers today with a glimpse into the piece and highlighting some of the greatest corruption risks and how to manage ...

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Anti-Corruption Developments in Azerbaijan: A Look at SOCAR

Construction is now underway on Azerbaijan's Southern Gas Corridor, and one of the primary entities behind the development has been under the microscope for alleged corruption and bribery in its dealings in the oil and gas industry in the region. Both are fairly common problems in the area, giving companies even more reason to strengthen due diligence ...


Corruption and Compliance in Ecuador: An Interview with Local Lawyer Bruce Horowitz

FCPAmerica interviews anti-corruption compliance expert Bruce Horowitz, co-founder of an Ecuadorian law firm known for not participating in extortion in an environment where bribery and unethical conduct is common. Bruce shares his insights on challenges and strategies for maintaining compliance and doing business with pubic entities without becoming involved in corrupt practices.

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Politics and the FCPA

The country has been whipped into political frenzy in the past few weeks, with the midterm elections looming, last-minute attacks flying, Republicans rejoicing as results poured in and Democrats lamenting the shift in power in the Senate and House. But we compliance practitioners can rest easy, no matter our political leanings; not much will change when it comes ...

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Don’t Collapse in the Wind – Knowledge is Power

A tongue-in-cheek bit of discourse from Tom Fox on the wealth of information provided us on the FCPA at literally zero cost, and how FCPA practitioners leverage this information for their own financial gain. Is profiting from free information wrong? Decide for yourself. But this expert won’t be packing up his office anytime soon.


FCPA Voluntary Disclosure Considerations

Technically, companies don't have to disclose FCPA violations. But the risk for not voluntarily disclosing corrupt behavior is great considering that wrongdoing may be found out anyway. Matteson Ellis poses several questions companies can contemplate when deciding whether self-disclosure is their best course of action, whatever the circumstances.