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Politics and the FCPA

The country has been whipped into political frenzy in the past few weeks, with the midterm elections looming, last-minute attacks flying, Republicans rejoicing as results poured in and Democrats lamenting the shift in power in the Senate and House. But we compliance practitioners can rest easy, no matter our political leanings; not much will change when it comes ...

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Don’t Collapse in the Wind – Knowledge is Power

A tongue-in-cheek bit of discourse from Tom Fox on the wealth of information provided us on the FCPA at literally zero cost, and how FCPA practitioners leverage this information for their own financial gain. Is profiting from free information wrong? Decide for yourself. But this expert won’t be packing up his office anytime soon.


FCPA Voluntary Disclosure Considerations

Technically, companies don't have to disclose FCPA violations. But the risk for not voluntarily disclosing corrupt behavior is great considering that wrongdoing may be found out anyway. Matteson Ellis poses several questions companies can contemplate when deciding whether self-disclosure is their best course of action, whatever the circumstances.


Q&A with Richard Bistrong, the FCPA Blogger Who Knows

CCI's CEO, Maurice Gilbert, dives in with Richard Bistrong, a regular contributor at CCI and a former VP of International Sales who experienced firsthand a brush with the Law as a result of some missteps on the front line. Richard shares here a bit about his story - from the deeds themselves to getting caught, cooperating with law ...


Tommy Lewis, Dicky Maegle and the DOJ Call for Individual Prosecutions

Acts of criminal misconduct are - almost without fail - carried out either by an individual or a group of individuals, so it stands to reason that the DOJ would focus its efforts on individual prosecutions rather than to bring charges against the company itself. The company's participation in any resulting investigation is expected, but it should tread ...

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Is the Paper Tiger Sharpening its Teeth?

In terms of FCPA enforcement, the UK's Serious Fraud Office doesn't hold a candle to the U.S. Department of Justice. Not yet, anyway. Over the past few months, it has become clear that the tide is turning; the SFO has several high-profile cases in the works and is seeking to extend its reach with an expanded arsenal ...


National Security and FCPA Investigations

The FCPA is one of many tools the DOJ and the SEC put to use in facilitating national security in the U.S. And while they are some of the largest players in protecting the nation's interests, compliance professionals working for global corporations also play a critical role in identifying vulnerabilities and doing serious due diligence to minimize risks.