A regular feature of our Coffee Break series has been the incomparable and iconic comic strip Dilbert. Scott Adams’ clever and witty insight into the business world jumps off of nearly ever strip, and we have featured his commentary on marketingexecutive compensationauditethicsthe computer trap, corporate communication, and compliance.

And because the fine folks at Dilbert.com provide handy embed code for every strip, we encourage you to visit their website* where you can:

Now that we’ve given proper due to those who provide the daily Dilbert brilliance, we’ll offer our “value”. I have done the painstaking work of sifting through the highest rated Dilbert strips on Dilbert.com. It was very arduous work, but I persevered. My goal was to find my favorite strips and share them with you here.

So here they are, my five favorite Dilbert strips of all time, starting with one that the FCPA Professor will surely appreciate:

dilbert 1


dilbert 2


dilbert 3


dilbert 4


dilbert 5

Now, you will undoubtedly have different tastes than mine, and there might not be much if any overlap between my five favorite Dilbert strips and yours. Start here at the top rated Dilbert strips of all-time and use the comment section to place links to any strips you feel should be included.

* – For the record, we have no official or indirect relationship with the Dilbert comic strip. We provide links and promote Scott Adams’ work simply because we love it, we know you’ll love it, and as reciprocation for the ease with which they allow their strips to be embedded.


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